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Bring your car in for diagnostics

Is your check engine light on?

If you’ve been driving around with your check engine light on and aren’t quite sure of the problem, bring your car in for a diagnostics check.  Sometimes the check engine is an indicator that coolant or oil levels are low, or that there’s a more serious problem happening that may require immediate repairs.

We'll find and fix the problem

  • Electric repairs

  • Computer systems

  • A/C repairs

  • Oil changes

  • Change/top off coolant

  • Driving performance problems

  • Belt replacement

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A breakdown can happen anywhere and often at it's on a busy road. Don't hesitate to call us for towing service! We'll come to you anywhere in Central Ohio.

Our trained and certified technicians know what to look for when diagnosing your newer vehicle. Let us find the problem and fix it for you fast!

We strive to provide you with excellent  service.

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